Field Hockey




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Game Guardians "Teaches and Assign Referees/Umpires to Become "Guardians of the Youth Game."

We provide instructional/developmental training and assigning services for:

* Girls Lacrosse
* Girls Field Hockey
* Girls and Boys Basketball

Benefits of Becoming a Youth Official:
Becoming an Official for youth sports is a very rewarding experience whether you are 15 or 99.

*Schedule Flexibility year round
*Leadership Development
*Multi Sport applicability
*Transportable Skills to anywhere in the country
*Opportunity for advancement to officiate at higher levels
* Coaches that become officials increase their coaching skills.
* Players that become officials increase their skills as players.
* Parents that become officials help commentate on the sidelines for other parents.

"Every sport has its "Grey Area." It is up to the person who wears the Black and White stripes to make the clear decision about the Grey Area, thus turning the decision into Black and White for all to see on the field, on the sidelines, and in the stands."

Officials are as important to every youth sport as the players, coaches, and parents! Without all four elements (Officials, Players, Coaches, and Parents) “The Game is not a Game!”